What is an output queue as400

iSeries output queues are a valuable network management technique that can be used to get OS/400 spool file information to where it belongs.

There are two types of output queues. Those associated with a device description (printer) and remote outq’s.

Remote outq’s have no device associated with them by default. An AS400 Remote outq redirects the spool file via the TCP/IP LPR/LPD protocol to a remote system.

what is an output-queue as400

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There are various ways to create or configure an AS400 remote outque to print to a WAN/LAN or network printer.

  • Creating and outq using the AS400 host table, retaining the static IP address.
  • Not using the host table but creating with a static or hard code IP address
  • Using the host name from your DNS server and the remote address or IP address is only in one place for better management.

The Brooks Remote Print Manager supports the iSeries remote outq’s extensively with complete support of all SCS formatting instructions and EBCDIC to ASCII character conversion.

For more information, please read our page on how to set up an AS400 outq.

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