Overlays and Watermarks

Now you can easily apply a graphical overlay (or Watermark) to an IPDS file and print it to your locally attached printer (or write to disk). ExcelliPrint IPDS Printing Software Premium allows you to get rid of your pre-generated forms and use a non-IPDS printer for all your graphical overlay, watermark, or form generation.

IPDS Watermark: merge form and graphic

  1. iSeriesā„¢ or zSeriesĀ® generates a file (AFPDS, IPDS, SCS) and the PSF 400 converts the file to IPDS
  2. The file is sent via TCP/IP to a Windows PC with ExcelliPrint installed
  3. ExcelliPrint merges the IPDS file with the Watermark or graphical overlay
  4. ExcelliPrint creates a PDF file
  5. You can send this PDF file to your locally attached printer, network printer, or write to disk

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Both RPM and ExcelliPrint are available for you to try free of charge, for 21 days. If you run into problems or have questions, please contact our tech support at (208) 523-6970. Download RPM Remote Print Manager or download ExcelliPrint IPDS software.