AS400 to PDF Conversion

AS400 to PDF – RPM converts AS400 SCS spool files into PDF format and simple HTML for easy archiving (AS400 print history or a print log) for easy archiving, viewing, and distribution. Once the AS400 spool file is created to PDF, RPM can email or print the document to PDF compatible printer.

AS400 to PDF

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RPM converts *SCS, *USERASCII, and *LINE into formats such as PDF and HTML, or printer-ready PCL 5e.

Benefits to using RPM for AS400 to PDF Conversion

  • RPM saves money in paper and AS400 printer costs.
  • Automatically create an AS400 print file archive.
  • Send AS400 PDF files via email.
  • Use your desktop printers to print the converted PDF files.
  • Save money and resources with converting AS400 files into PDF.
  • Have a complete record of all AS400 print files at the end of the day.

RPM supports AS400 text printing features including fonts, margins, line wrap and orientation. RPM can pass AS400 spool files
directly to a printer without modification, open it in another Windows application, or save the file to disk in plain text, PDF, or HTML format.

COR (Character Output Reduction) can be applied to the PDF conversion. Automatically formats the document to landscape or portrait orientation. Eliminating multiple queues or user intervention

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Both RPM and ExcelliPrint are available for you to try free of charge, for 21 days. If you run into problems or have questions, please contact our tech support at (208) 523-6970. Download RPM Remote Print Manager or download ExcelliPrint IPDS software.