AS400 Printer Configuration

Your printing system depends on your particular system and viable AS400 printer configuration, as well as the type of spooled files you are printing. Every company has different needs for the final output of an AS400 print file. AS400 to Windows printing offers much more flexibility and formatting capabilities.

Software Solutions to enhance AS400 Printing

iSeries® spool file printing can be accomplished with an outq or a device description. The spool file type can determine which is the required option for the AS400 printer configuration. SCS and AFPDS files can be printed using a remote outq. IPDS spool files require a device description. Using a remote outq with AFPDS spool files is dependent upon a compatible printer emulation being supported with the Host Print Transform.

RPM Preserves SCS Formatting and AS400 Finishing Functions

AS400 Network Printing SolutionRPM takes AS400 print files and gives you full control over the AS400 printer finishing functions. RPM also allows you to easily print AS400 page ranges, reduces the CPU time, and gives you the ability to automatically archive and email all your AS400 print files. Download and try RPM for 21 days free.

ExcelliPrint Prints AS400 IPDS Files to Any Windows Printer

AS400 IPDS PrintingExcelliPrint is software installed on Windows allowing you to receive the AS400 IPDS/AFPDS file on your Windows printer, desktop or networked. Once ExcelliPrint receives the file, it can also be converted into PDF format or archived to a print history location or folder. Download and try ExcelliPrint for 21 days free.

AS400 printer configuration: Queues and Objects

Both AS400 printer configurations have print writer objects and output queues. One of the differences is the spool file will be directed to the outq name instead of the printer name. Another difference is a remote outq uses the LPR protocol which defaults to port 515. A device supports three system driver options, IBMPJLDRV, HPPJLDRV and NETSTNDRV.

Both RPM and ExcelliPrint are available for you to try free of charge, for 21 days. If you run into problems or have questions, please contact our tech support at (208) 523-6970. Download RPM Remote Print Manager or download ExcelliPrint IPDS software.