AS400 TCPIP and IPDS Printing Tips and Solutions

IT managers and system administrators have long struggled to make AS/400-based data available in Windows environments. With RPM Remote Print Manager and ExcelliPrint, AS/400 host data can be sent to Windows-based printers or accessed on Windows-based systems. The result: lower costs, more flexibility, and more convenience.

AS400 IPDS Printing

AS400 TCPIP Printing

AS400 IPDS Printing AS400 Network Printing Solution

The challenge of freeing host data and making it available on other platforms, namely Windows, is easier and less expensive than you might think. And using host data within Windows environments provides a number of advantages:

Increased data availability: When key players have access to host data, they can make better decisions and incorporate the data in key business processes. Everyone can receive the AS400 print files on their own PC.
Connected cross-platform applications: Peripheral applications often reside on Windows PCs or servers, and these applications need access to the data residing on the host. AS400 data can be shared across the network.
Lower print costs: Because Windows-based printers are common, inexpensive, and relatively easy to maintain, printing AS/400 data to them lowers printing costs. Any Windows printer can receive IPDS or AS400 data with RPM and ExcelliPrint.
IPDS spool files can be printed to non-IPDS capable printers which lowers IPDS printing costs dramatically and allows you to print AS400 data to your existing Windows-based printers. Now you can receive IPDS print files on your non-IPDS capable printer.